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Simone Viegas

 Hi! I'm Simone Viegas, a Brazilian Graphic designer, Architect and Illustrator living in Lisbon at this moment, after five years living in Canada.

When I  came to Vancouver a few years ago with my husband     I didn't know what was waiting for me.

I found a city surrounded by mountains, ocean and parks with a fantastic wildlife, perfect scenario and inspiration to my new designs. Raccons and Seaguls are my favorites!  I love to illustrate children's books, paint  florals, houses, create patterns and illustrated recipes . 

Watercolor painting is my preffered tecnique but I play a bit with digital too.

Recently my Illustrated maps where selected to be part of the books ’Where We Walk ’and ’The Outer Space’ from They draw .

At this moment I'm working in a personal project called @facadesofvancouver. The idea was is promote an artistic walking tour around the city, highlighting in unique watercolor paintings, buildings that have a special detail or a heritage value. Moving to Portugal is bringing me new ideas and inspiration. Don't miss @facadesofportugal .  If you need  a special project, illustrations, House Portraits, please, talk with me !

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